how to make a triangular pyramid out of paper

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  • How do you make a 3D pyramid out of paper?

  • Paper 3D Pyramid Step 1: Materials. Step 2: X Fold. Fold the top corners of the paper down to the opposite edges to make an X shaped crease. Step 3: Partially Fold in Half. Fold the paper in half from the bottom up to the center of the X fold as shown. Step 4: Fold Outward. Fold the paper …

  • How do you make a pyramid shape with a pencil?

  • Fold the paper outward from the X fold to make the basic pyramid shape. Pinch all edges to make sure they are completely folded. Unfold the paper and trace the X fold lines with a pencil. Draw in lines on the shorter sides of the X fold, as shown. Trace the center fold line with a pencil.

  • How do you make a simple triangle with paper?

  • You want the paper in front of you so that the triangle labeled side D and A has its bottom edge facing you. Fold the paper into a smaller triangle. Start by folding the left side of the triangle in half in on itself, so the outer edges of sides C and D meet. Repeat on the other side, so that the outer edges of sides A and B meet.

  • How do you make a pyramid pattern with 4 triangles?

  • A proper pyramid template pattern will have a square base, and of each side of that base, there will be an attached triangle. Two or all four of these triangles will have tabs on them. Once cut out, the four triangles will come together and join at the top to form the pyramid faces. Cut out your pyramid pattern.

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