how to make a sun hat out of paper

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Tape the long edges of two sheets of black construction paper together. Fold both pieces together with the taped edge on the inside and positioned at the top. Holding these taped-edge corners in two hands, bring both corners down until they meet in the centre. Fold the edges and use tape to help hold corners in place. Give the hat some shape!

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  • How to make a sun hat out of fabric?

  • How to Make a Sun Hat. 1 Step 1: Cut out your Sun Hat Fabrics. Print out the pattern pieces and tape them together. Cut one piece each from the outer, lining and interfacing … 2 Step 2: Fuse the Interfacing. 3 Step 3: Stitch the Sun Hat Brim. 4 Step 4: Stitch the Sun Hat Crown. 5 Step 5: Add the Crown the Brim. More items

  • How do you make a paper hat?

  • Step 01: Cut the paper to create the hat. Step 02: Begin to make the top of the hat. Step 03: How to fold the top of the hat. Step 04: Glue one side of the folded parts of the hat. Step 05: Finish making the top of the hat. Step 06: Make the cover around the hat. Step 07: Glue the two parts of the hat together.

  • How do you sew a hat to a linen piece?

  • Turn the hat right side out, and push the crown of the cotton piece into the linen piece. Press the hat brim, opening the seam. Press the open seam allowance under 1/4 inch, so the edge matches and is smooth. Top-stitch around the brim, sewing 1/8 inch from the seam. This closes the opening and gives a nice finish.

  • What is the best sun hat pattern for kids?

  • 8. tulip petal sun hat . This is another cute hat for little ones, with a brim shaped like a flower. 9. shirred sun hat . Elastic thread is a good way to make sure the hat doesn鈥檛 fly off in the first wind. 10. Martha Stewart鈥檚 reversible sun hat . Here鈥檚 another reversible sun hat pattern, this time with sizes from children to adults.

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