how to make a sun hat out of paper

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Step 01: Cut the paperto create the hat. Cut a piece of blue paper 25 cm long and 10 cm wide. Glue the cut rectangle to the circle. Glue the two sides of the width together. Step 02: Begin to make the top of the hat. Cut small strips on the inside and bottom (on both sides) of the round section made by pasting the blue paper.

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  • How to make a sun hat out of fabric?

  • How to Make a Sun Hat. 1 Step 1: Cut out your Sun Hat Fabrics. Print out the pattern pieces and tape them together. Cut one piece each from the outer, lining and interfacing … 2 Step 2: Fuse the Interfacing. 3 Step 3: Stitch the Sun Hat Brim. 4 Step 4: Stitch the Sun Hat Crown. 5 Step 5: Add the Crown the Brim. More items

  • How do you make a newspaper hat?

  • Place a piece of paper on your table. This is the easiest newspaper hat design of all. Take the top right corner of the paper and bring it across to the left hand side. You can either fold the paper or not. If you fold there will be a crease in your hat and won鈥檛 have that perfect conical shape. Tape the inside of the cone you鈥檝e just created.

  • How do you make a paper bishop hat?

  • Creating Your Paper Bishop Hat Place a half sheet of newspaper on your table. Place it so the short side is facing you. Fold your paper in half. Take the top right corner and fold in half. Unfold your paper. Now place your paper with the long side facing you. Fold the corners to the center crease.

  • How do you sew a hat?

  • Turn the fabric inside out, pin fabric together with straight pins, and start to sew the side seams of the hat. When the side seams are sewn carefully remove all of the straight pins.

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