how to make a sun hat out of paper

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  • How do you make a sun hat with fabric?

  • Test the sewing machine on a scrap of fabric. Cut out the fabric for the sun hat according to a commercial pattern or a pattern you created yourself based on tracing another sun hat on a brown paper bag. Turn the fabric inside out, pin fabric together with straight pins, and start to sew the side seams of the hat.

  • How do you make a newspaper hat?

  • Place a piece of paper on your table. This is the easiest newspaper hat design of all. Take the top right corner of the paper and bring it across to the left hand side. You can either fold the paper or not. If you fold there will be a crease in your hat and won鈥檛 have that perfect conical shape. Tape the inside of the cone you鈥檝e just created.

  • How do you make a red paper bag hat?

  • Step 1: Crumple and open up the paper bag several times to soften it. Roll up the bottom edge to make the brim. To make a tall hat, roll a smallish brim; to make a shorter hat, roll a bigger brim. Step 2: Paint the hat red. (If using spray paint, make sure you have adult help.)

  • What can you do with paper hats?

  • Party Games, Holidays, Paper Crafts, DIY Room Decor, and Gifts! How to Make a Paper Hat tutorials for parties, holidays and kids crafts. These paper hats include pictured tutorials and instructions on how to make paper cone hats as party hats, newspaper hats for pirates and sailors, and even paper plate hats for fun activities for kids.

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