how to make a rock paper scissors game in scratch

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  • How to play Rock Paper Scissors game?

  • Rock, paper scissors is played between two people, both of them choosing one out of the three options- Rock, Paper, Scissor. Then, according to certain rules, one of the two is declared the winner. Before going to the coding part, analyze and break down the game.

  • How do you make a rock paper and scissor sprite?

  • Import the three sprite named 鈥?Rock, Paper and Scissor from the library. Program these three sprite, so that , when this sprite is clicked, set the Player鈥檚 choice to 1, 2 and 3 accordingly. Player Choice 1 means 鈥楻ock鈥? Player Choice 2 means 鈥楽cissor鈥?and Player Choice 3 means 鈥榩aper鈥?

  • Can a machine learn from playing Rock-Paper-Scissors?

  • In this project, using the context of one of the simplest children’s games, Rock-Paper-Scissors, you are challenged to create a program that allows the machine to observe and learn from its user’s game choices using a Markov Model to quickly become intelligent enough to repeatedly beat the user at the game.

  • How do you play Scrabble with scissors?

  • The user inputs their move by typing either rock, paper, or scissors. The opponent鈥檚 move is chosen randomly and the program prints out whether you won, tied, or lost. The program keeps asking the user to input their move after each round until they type in quit, which is when the program ends.

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