how to make a phone out of paper easy

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  • How do you make a cell phone out of paper?

  • Cut out a small piece of paper or card that is the color you want your phone to be. The paper should be in the shape of a cell phone (this means that you cut it so that the phone is as small or as large as you would like the play cell phone to be).

  • How to make a phone stand from paper?

  • hi guys,this is diy paper of phone is very easy and standing origami paper stand.. i have using paper in 15×15 let’s start begin make.. Fold paper vertically and horizontally and unfold it. Turn Into 90 degree fold upper and bottom sides to center line (see possible center line fold in center line)

  • How to make a paper craft iPhone template at home?

  • Use a high-quality printer to print your iPhone template. You can use plain printer paper, but glossy photo paper is going to give you a much better result. Cut out the template. Many paper craft templates will actually have the lines around which you need to cut the template. Cut the screen, back, and sides of the phone out of the piece of paper.

  • How do you make a paper mobile out of beads?

  • Secure a bead to one end of the string and tie it off so that it will not fall off of the string. This bead will be at the bottom of each of the large paper mobile pieces to keep them from falling off of the string. Glue the last two edges of your units around the string. Next, take one of your small circle units and your heart shaped units.

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