how to make a party hat out of wrapping paper

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  • How do you make a paper party hat?

  • | 1. Cut out template and trace it onto the paper cardstock. | 2. Cut out traced shapes. | 3. Fold cardstock into cone shape, inserting the tab into slot. This DIY Paper Party Hats template doesn鈥檛 require any tape or glue. Just make sure you follow the template and cut along all of the black lines.

  • How do you make a cone hat out of paper?

  • Then cut a narrow triangle starting from the outside to the center. Fold the paper to form a cone shape by overlapping the two cut corners鈥攖he two bottom edges of the triangle. How far you overlap determines the fit of the hat.

  • How do you make a fringing for a hat?

  • 1 Cut strips of tissue paper and staple them on top of each other. More layers equals more fringe! 2 Cut fringe along one side of the strips. On the other side, make a few cuts an inch apart. This allows the strip to fold… 3 Glue the tissue paper strip along the inside of the hat. The fridge edge should stick out on the bottom. More …

  • How do you make a border for a hat?

  • Make the border look however you want it to look! You can tape on waves of lace, glue on a straight piece of ribbon, or staple some fringed paper to the bottom of the hat.

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