how to make a paper towel holder

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  • How do you make a paper towel holder out of dowel?

  • Place a roll of paper towels on the dowel. Place one of the decorative knobs through the hole on one side of the paper towel holder and line the hole in the dowel up with it. Screw the knob into the dowel.

  • Where to mount a paper towel holder?

  • If you have your own house, you make have the paper towel holder mounted on the wall. You need to be careful to ensure that you mount it where you can have access to easily. This will depend on your height. You need to take time when choosing where to mount the holder.

  • Do you have a paper towel holder in your kitchen?

  • We all use paper towels in our everyday life, but they are not always close by when you need one (or several). Most paper towel holders are mounted under a kitchen cabinet or attached to a wall. Make this portable paper towel holder in less than an hour.

  • How many rolls of toilet paper does a paper towel holder hold?

  • It will hold from 6 to 8 rolls of toilet paper depending on its size, so you probably won’t need to refill it often. You can easily make a paper towel holder from a single piece of wood as well if you don’t want this one for the toilet.

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