how to make a paper soccer ball

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  • How do you make a ball out of paper?

  • In fact, you can make your own ball out of paper using the Japanese art of origami. Fold the black and white pieces separately, then use glue to piece them all together. Goal! Fold a 5 in 4 in (13 cm 10 cm) piece of black paper in half horizontally. Each piece will make 1 black pentagon. Bring one 4 in (10 cm) edge over to the other.

  • What size paper do you use to make a soccer ball?

  • You can buy paper that鈥檚 already 5 by 4 inches (13 cm 10 cm) at a craft store, or cut standard-size sheets of paper into the proper dimensions. For a standard soccer ball, use black and white paper. To add a little extra flair, opt for bright colored paper or metallic foil paper instead of the traditional hues.

  • Why do you need the pattern of the soccer ball?

  • You need the pattern of the soccer ball because you will make a ball out of the pattern which is different from the square one. First, you will need a pattern that will lead to a ball-like shape. Many children, especially boys, like to make a paper ball. Not only can they play with it but also color the pentagons just like the real soccer ball.

  • How do you play football with paper footballs?

  • The object of the game is for two opponents to flick a paper football across a tabletop to make a touchdown. A touchdown is when the ball hangs off the edge of the table without falling. After scoring a touchdown, the player gets to flick the paper football through the goal. Some versions of the game require you to use your fingers to form a goal.

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