how to make a paper snake

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To make a paper snake,cut off the raised edge of a paper plate and paint the plate however you like. Next,draw a 1/2 inch spiral on the back of the plate and cut out the spiral,starting from the outside and working your way in. Then,paint eyes onto the front of the head,or glue on googly eyes.

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  • How to make a snake out of construction paper?

  • Cut a small rectangle from the red construction paper. Cut a small triangle at one end of the rectangle to make the snake鈥檚 forked tongue. 5. Glue the tongue to the bottom of the snake鈥檚 head. 6. Glue two googly eyes or draw eyes on the snake鈥檚 head. 7. Using the scissor, carefully puncture a small hole at the base of the snake鈥檚 head.

  • How to make a snake out of accordion paper?

  • Cut a snake shaped head and tongue from the paper and glue it onto the last fold. Decorate with googly eyes and black marker for nostrils. Your accordion paper snake craft is finished and you can stretch, pull and wiggle it as much as you like!

  • How to make a snake out of fabric strips?

  • Fold the bottom strip over the top one (keeping the 90 angle) and crease the fold. Again take the bottom strip and fold it over the top one. Continue until you run out of strips to fold and add a dash of glue on the last fold. If you are making a super long snake, do add a dab of glue here and there as you go. This will make things more 鈥渟ecure鈥?

  • How to make a paper chain snake for the zoo?

  • Glue the small triangle onto the other end of the paper chain for the snakes鈥檚 tail. Glue the googly eyes onto the large triangle. Glue the red balloon onto the large triangle for the snake鈥檚 tongue. You can add as many hoops to this super silly Paper Chain Snake as you need and use it as a countdown to your next trip to the zoo.

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