how to make a paper pocket knife

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How to Make a Paper KnifeFold your smaller piece of paper in half diagonallyto form a triangle. Fold in half again to form a smaller triangle and crease. Fold the right side down so the edge meets the center crease. Fold again to the left, and once more to complete the fold.

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  • How to make a pocket knife step by step?

  • Homemade Pocket Knife Step 1: Materials. To make this knife you need a couple materials, I found most of them in my workplace`s dust bin, so… Step 2: Cutting the Pvc. To start you need to cut the pvc pipe horizontally on one end, not all the way through! so when… Step 3: Applying Heat 1: Flatten …

  • How do I cut a pocket template?

  • Transfer the pocket template to your card weight paper of choice using a pencil or pen. Make sure to fill in the fold lines originally shown on the template before you begin cutting (this step is only necessary with the reusable template). Carefully cut out your pocket using the X-acto knife.

  • How do you make a paper machete step by step?

  • Steps Find an 8 in (21.5 cm) by 11 in (28 cm) sheet of printer paper. Fold the top right corner over to the left edge of the paper. Cut the rectangular shape from the bottom. Fold the paper lengthwise at least 3-4 times. Cut a slanting edge on one end of the paper. Staple the blade together. Make the handle from the remaining paper.

  • What is a paper knife used for?

  • A paper knife can be the perfect addition to your collection of paper objects. This knife is not only easy to make, but it’s safe and won’t hurt anyone — the worst that can happen is that you’ll get a paper cut.

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