how to make a paper pine cone

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  • What to do with Christmas paper pine cones?

  • Christmas Paper Pine Cones 鈥?Great for Wreaths Centerpieces! Share the love! Learn how to make these life-like glittery Christmas Pine Cones out of paper! This easy project is a great addition to holiday decor!. Quick and easy holiday decorations are always fun to create, and these easy Christmas Pine Cones will add a fun sparkle to your holiday!

  • How do you make a cone out of paper?

  • Don’t make firm creases in your paper. Your cone should be rounded. Tape the inside of the cone closed. Once you tape the two sides side by side so that the paper makes a cone. Tape the inside of the cone by bridging the two sides so that they slightly overlap and bridging the overlap with tape. With that done, your cone should be ready to go.

  • How do you glue a pine cone together?

  • Either dab the stem at the bottom with glue to adhere it to the bottom piece or tie a knot in the stem. Cut off the excess stem. Apply glue to the edges of the center scales on the top of the pinecone and hold them together to create a cylinder around the tip of the stem.

  • Can I cut pine cones with my Cricut?

  • I cut these pine cones on my Cricut cutting machine, but you could also cut them by hand, of course. Here are the pretty pine cones with my paper poinsettias (get the free tutorial and pattern for those here!

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