how to make a paper cut shadow box

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Designing Your Shadow Box Paper Cut Start in Cricut design space byselecting 2 squares. Make one square slightly smaller that the other and slice so you are left with a square frame. This will be the supporting edge for each of your layers.

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  • What do I need to make a shadow box paper art?

  • Here is a shadow box made with white cardstock: And here is a shadow box made with pastel cardstock: You also need a way to cut your paper layers. You could use a knife, but I used a Cricut. I have the free templates for this shadow box paper art design in my free resource library (see the materials list below).

  • What is a shadow box?

  • A shadow box consists on multiple layers of paper cut designs in a frame that is lighted up by a LED strip placed on the back. The different layers compose a landscape that you can customize and you can add some special effects that will make it even more realistic!

  • How do you frame a shadow box?

  • You can frame your custom shadow box design in two ways 鈥?either put it in a store-bought frame, or use the box pattern in my template set to make a frame from cardstock. To use a display frame, just flip it over, take off the back, and set your custom shadow box inside face down.

  • How do you make paper cut-outs glow?

  • Basically, paper cut-outs are layered on each other in a box with a glass frame. A light source goes behind the cut outs, and makes each layer glow. Generally, the more layers, the cooler the effect! I’ll show how I made this shadow box, providing tips here and there.

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