how to make a pap smear less painful

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A simplechange in positioningmight also make a pap smear less painful. Some women tolerate the procedure better by lying on their sides or they place their hands underneath their rears and press down. Just like sex, different positions can decrease any discomfort you feel in your vagina.

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  • How to make a Pap smear easier?

  • Ob/Gyns Share 11 Ways to Make a Pap Smear Easier on You and Your Vagina 1 Make sure you understand what a Pap smear is and entails. 2 Try to pee before your Pap smear. 3 Request the smallest, narrowest speculum that can work for your body. 4 Request a plastic speculum. 5 Ask your ob/gyn to warm up the speculum. More items…

  • Why do Pap smear tests hurt?

  • If you have either condition, you might find Pap smear tests painful. With vaginismus, you fear penetration and any attempt at it causes you severe anxiety. As a result your vaginal muscles can clamp shut involuntarily, making penetration difficult or painful.

  • What to do for a painful Pap test?

  • What to Do for Painful Pap Tests 1 Poor technique in performing the test. Solution: Talk it over with your doctor… 2 Not enough lubrication when inserting the speculum. 3 Too large a speculum. Solution: Use a child-sized or adolescent-sized speculum. 4 Vaginal muscle spasm due to anxiety or calcium and magnesium deficiency.

  • What is a Pap smear and what does it test for?

  • Make sure you understand what a Pap smear is and entails. 鈥淎 Pap smear is actually a cervical cancer screening test,鈥?Mindy S. Christianson, M.D., assistant professor of gynecology and obstetrics at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, tells SELF.

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