how to make a dragon out of paper mache

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  • What do you need to make a paper mache dragon?

  • All you need to put your ideas in creation is dragon some newspapers, paste, masking tape, and paint. And in some creative time, your dragon is ready with paper mache.

  • How do you make a small sculpture from paper mache?

  • The first step in making a small sculpture from paper mache is to create the basic form. For this project I used newspapers twisted into a general shape and then wound together with masking tape. For inspiration, I looked at the beautiful drawings of dragons in the book Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons.

  • How do you make a paper dragon with masking tape?

  • I also covered the masking tape that holds the dragon to the board. The weight of the wet paper will cause the form to lose it鈥檚 shape, so a paper roll props up the dragon until the first layer dries. Once the first layer is completely dry, another layer is added, the form is propped up again, and allowed to dry again.

  • How do you make a paper dragon out of paper towels?

  • If using newspapers or thin paper towls, you may need to repeat for 2 or 3 more layers. If using double ply paper towels, one layer may be enough. Cut strips of tissue paper into about 2 inch wide strips and then fringe the edges. Glue the edge of the fringe to the dragon making sure they are overlapping.

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