how to make a cone shape out of construction paper

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How to Make a Paper ConeMake a paper disk. The height of your cone will be determined by the radius of your circle. The larger the radius, the taller the cone. You can …Draw a triangle wedge. Use the template to cut out two sides from the circle to make your wedge. To draw your own wedge, make a mark in the center …Cut the triangle wedge out of the circle. To make a cone with a small bottom, cut out a larger triangle wedge. Use scissors or a precision knife to …Bring the cut sides of your disc together. For your cone shape, bring one cut end of your disc over to the other in a cone shape. Hold it together …See More….

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  • How to make a piping cone?

  • For a different sized piping cone make the length of the rectangle twice the height, plus 1 inch (2.5 cm). For example: 6 by 13 inches (15 cm 33 cm). Instead of parchment paper, you can use wax paper. This method can be used to create craft cones out of printer paper or construction paper. Cut the rectangle diagonally to create 2 triangles.

  • How do you make a flying cone out of construction paper?

  • Take your 鈥渨ings鈥?and tape them to either side of your cone, one on the top and one overlapping it on the bottom. Now take your remaining sheet of construction paper and cut it into two equal parts. Fold each half into a third cone shape but make them smaller than both of the others were. This will be your fins.

  • How do you make a cone shape with a pencil?

  • Cut along the lines drawn with the pencil. Your board should now look like a triangle with a rounded bottom. Curl points B and C toward one another till they touch, making the cone’s circular opening, and then continue moving the corners past each other, keeping the straight edges on the bottom even with each other until you have an enclosed clone.

  • How to make a paper cone from a disc?

  • Overlap the far corners and roll the triangle into a cone shape. Then, use a piece of tape to secure the inside of the cone and hold it together. If you want to learn how to make a paper cone from a disc, keep reading the article!

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