how to load paper in epson receipt printer

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Load paper at the center of the rear feed with the glossy or printable side facing up. Insert up to 10 envelopes short edge first with the printable side facing up. Load one sheet of loose-leaf or other paper with holes as shown.

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  • How do I install an Epson receipt printer on Windows?

  • Installing an EPSON Receipt Printer Installation Process. The sections below explain the process to install an EPSON printer for a Windows device. … Disable Windows User Account Controls (optional). If prompted to confirm again, click Ok. Printer Driver Installation. Close all open windows. Use …

  • How do I load paper into my printer?

  • The tractor is installed in the rear push position when the printer is shipped. If your tractor is in the rear push position, skip to Loading paper with the rear push tractorfor instructions on loading paper.

  • How do I troubleshoot Epson receipt printing problems?

  • Reopening the EPSON utility Deleting the port Add the port again Perform the Communication Test again. If the above are resolved and your test print still fails – refer to the receipt printing troubleshooting article.

  • How do I operate my Epson printer?

  • For your safety, Epson recommends operating the printer with the printer cover closed. The printer will function with the printer cover open or removed, but for maximum safety keep the cover closed. Turn on the printer. When the printer receives data, it automatically loads the paper and starts printing.

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