how to load paper in a brother printer

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  • How do I load the paper in the printer?

  • Press the green release levers to slide the paper guides. Fan the stack of paper well. Load paper with the printing surface face down in the paper tray. Make sure the paper is below the maximum paper mark . Overfilling the paper tray will cause paper jams.

  • What kind of paper can I use the brother MP tray for?

  • To use the MP Tray to print or copy on index cards and A3, A5, A6, Folio, Ledger, Legal, Photo, Photo L, or Photo 2L paper How do I load paper into my Brother machine’s paper tray?

  • How do I load paper in the machine’s manual feed slot?

  • – To load paper in the machine’s manual feed slot, click here LOADING PAPER IN THE TRAY Load only one size and type of paper in the tray at one time. To load paper into the tray, follow these steps: 1. Pull the paper tray completely out of the machine. 2.

  • How do I load paper in the paper tray?

  • While pressing the blue paper-guide release lever (1), slide the paper guides to fit the paper size you are loading in the tray. Make sure the guides are firmly in the slots. 3. Fan the stack of paper well to avoid jams and misfeeds.

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