how to line a round pan with parchment paper

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  • How to line a cake pan with parchment paper?

  • Begin by tearing a piece off parchment paper off the roll that is larger than the cake pan you need to line. 2. Then, fold the parchment in half. 3. Fold the parchment paper in half in the opposite direction to make a small square/rectangle. Then fold it into a triangle, making sure the completely folded corner is the point. 4.

  • How do you cut a perfect round for a cake pan?

  • Place this corner in the middle of the cake pan and hold the parchment right where it hits the edge of the pan. Cut the parchment. Using where you are holding the parchment as a guide, trim the triangle about 1/4-inch in from the edge of the pan. Unfold the parchment. Unfold the parchment and you have a perfect round for your cake pan!

  • Can You Make your own parchment paper rounds?

  • While you can buy parchment paper already pre-cut into rounds, they鈥檙e expensive and you鈥檇 need to buy more than one type of round if you have cake pans in multiple sizes. Here鈥檚 an easy way to make your own parchment rounds out of a regular roll of parchment paper in just a few quick steps! Why Do You Need Parchment Rounds Anyway?

  • How do you Grease a baking sheet with parchment paper?

  • Place the two 2-inch strips criss-cross at the bottom of the pan, and grease on top as well (just up to the cake pan sides.) Press the snipped parchment to the sides of the pan, with the snipped edge overlapping the bottom.

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