how to grow paper flower plant

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Place your seed paper on soil that is slightly compressed,but not too hard-packed. Add 1/8 inch of soil on top of the paper and give it a good drink of water. After that,make sure it鈥檚 always moist and in a sunny spot. You should see sprouts within 7-10 days!

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  • Where do paper plants grow best?

  • Paper bush is suited to the Middle, Lower, and Coastal South (USDA Zones 7-9), although with protection it might get by the Upper South (USDA Zone 6). Give it light shade and moist, fertile, well-drained soil containing lots of organic matter. It has no serious pests and pruning is seldom needed.

  • How do you grow paper plants in pots?

  • Spread a 1/8 inch layer of soil over the plantable paper pieces and tamp down gently on top. After planting the paper in your pot, give it a good soak. You want the paper and the soil to be nicely damp but not swimming in water. During the first 10 days, keep the paper moist at all times.

  • What happens when you plant paper in the garden?

  • When the paper is planted in a pot of soil, the seeds grow and the paper composts away. All that is left behind is flowers, herbs or vegetables, and no waste.

  • Can plantable paper be grown from seeds?

  • All of our plantable paper is embedded with tested and approved seeds. The key, as in any instance of growing flowers from seeds, is to provide your plantable paper with a lot of light, water, and attention.

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