how to fold paper hats

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Article Summary X. To make a paperhat,first fold an 8 by 11 inch (20 by 28 cm) piece of paper in half lengthwise and unfold. Then,fold the paper in half again from top to bottom. Next,fold the top left corner down to the middle crease. Repeat with the top right corner.

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  • How do you fold a hat like a hat?

  • It should be triangle shaped with two flaps. Fold the brim of the hat. You will do this by folding the bottom of the hat upwards. Fold the bottom part of the hat below the triangle flaps upwards. Make your crease at the base of the triangular flaps.

  • How do you make a paper hat peak?

  • To form the peak of the hat, first you’ll need to find the center of the folded sheet so you know where to fold the corners to. To do this, fold the paper in half and make a crease half way down from the folded top, pressing gently.

  • What kind of paper do you use to make a hat?

  • You can use construction paper, colored printer paper or newspaper to make a paper hat. You will need to tape together 2 sheets of construction paper or printer paper to make a hat big enough to fit on your head. Can I use a single sheet of paper to make a paper hat?

  • How to make a paper pirate hat?

  • This article will show you how to make a paper pirate hat. Spread out a whole sheet of newspaper. You can also use a large piece of regular paper. You will want to unfold the paper completely. Lay the paper out flat. Make the hat on a hard table or floor. This will help you get good folds. Trim the paper.

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