how to fold a snowflake out of paper

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To make a paper snowflake,cut a piece of paper into a square shape.Fold the paper in half diagonally to form a triangle,then fold it in half twice more. Using scissors,make cuts into the sides of the paper,such as triangles,rectangles,or round shapes. Then,carefully unfold the paper to reveal your paper snowflake!

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  • How do you make a paper snowflake?

  • To make a paper snowflake, cut a piece of paper into a square shape. Fold the paper in half diagonally to form a triangle, then fold it in half twice more.

  • Can you cut snowflakes out of tissue paper?

  • Work with an even lighter material by cutting snowflakes from tissue paper. Gift wrap paper can be used to cut snowflakes, but it is not as durable. It can be tedious to make intricate cuts through many layers of fabric, and you’ll discover that fabric doesn’t fold as crisply as paper.

  • What supplies do you need to make a snowflake?

  • Together, you can watch your family’s own gentle blizzard materialize. To make a paper snowflake, you need two essential craft supplies: paper and a pair of scissors. When choosing paper, remember: lightweight paper鈥攚rapping paper, tissue paper, or crepe paper鈥攊s lighter and easy to cut but more fragile for decorating.

  • How many sides does it take to cut a snowflake?

  • Learn how to cut six-sided snowflakes, just like the snowflakes that fall from the sky. Every snowflake that falls is unique, and you’ll find that varying the number and type of cuts made into your folded paper or fabric creates a wide range of designs.

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