how to find where a paper has been cited

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You can find out who has cited a paper or article from a number of databases. Have a look atGoogle Scholar,they鈥檝e made this really easy. Just enter the search terms in quotation marks (that narrows down the results) in the box,then 鈥榮earch鈥?

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  • How do I find cited articles?

  • To find citing articles, search for the article and then click on the 鈥渢imes cited鈥?number next it. For a more complete list, conduct a cited reference search, which will allow you to account for all of the database鈥檚 variant entries for your article. Many other databases also offer various forms of cited by search or browse options.

  • How do I find citations in the web of Science?

  • Fill out as many fields as you feel necessary to find the article you want to find citations to. From the list of results, you can see the number of times your article has been cited in the Web of Science, you can look at more information for a particular article, or you can choose several articles from the list.

  • How do I find out who cited my Paper in IEEE?

  • Look for works by the author and click the Scopus link to find more information on who has cited your works. IEEE Xplore displays citing documents. Do an author search, click on the title to display the full abstract, scroll down beyond Index Terms to Additional details.

  • What is cited reference searching?

  • Cited reference searching is finding articles that reference a particular author, article, or book. Use cited reference searching to: discover how an idea or innovation has been confirmed, applied, corrected, or developed over time There are many library databases that provide options for cited reference searching.

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