how to decorate with crepe paper

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Glue or paste strips of colored crepepaperto a cottage cheese or some similar food container. Gather the ends of the crepepaperstrips together at the top. Decoratethe gathered ends with a sprinkling of stick-on stars.

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  • How do you decorate a room with crepe paper and balloons?

  • Grab a few different colors of crepe paper and twist them toward the center and tape with packaging tape. Place a handful of balloons in the center and you have a beautiful, inexpensive way to decorate for your event! Party Ceiling Decor with Crepe Paper Balloons Add streamers vertically strung up for a pretty dessert backdrop!

  • What can you make out of crepe paper?

  • We can barely believe it was made out of crepe paper. It鈥檒l take some time to make, but trust us 鈥?it鈥檚 time well spent. (via Oh Happy Day) 4. Party Backdrop: String up a color blocked flurry of crepe paper strips to create a bold party backdrop that can be hung as a photo booth setting or even behind your food table. (via eHow) 5.

  • What can I do with crepe paper streamers?

  • Use crepe streamers outdoors too (as long as they don’t get wet). Attach crepe paper streamers to a Big Balloon for a fun and inexpensive balloon tassel. This stylish backdrop is made from simply hanging Crepe streamers mixed with gold ribbon. These gorgeous flowers are so simple to make (link to tutorial at bottom of page)

  • How do you decorate a piñata with crepe paper?

  • #4) There are other ways that uncut crepe paper can be used to decorate a piata. I created this rippled edge along one piata by folding the crepe paper lengthwise, bunching it up a little, and gluing the open end to the piata with the folded edge facing out. The white roses on this Heart piata were also made of crepe paper.

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