how to cut a paper heart

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Instructions Fold paper in an accordion style fold. Cutthe paperso that you create half a heart. Cut top of paper, creating a rounded edge.Cut the bottom of the heartat an angle to make the heartpoint. Make sure to NOT cut all the way through to the round cut you’ve made, you want the heartsto stay attached.

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  • How do you fold a heart out of paper?

  • 2 Make the first fold. Take your paper strip and make the first fold on one short side. This fold defines how wide the hearts will be. My fold is around 1.25 wide. 3 Flip the paper. Flip the paper so that the fold is at the back.

  • How do you cut a heart without creasing the middle?

  • If you don’t want a crease in the middle of your finished heart, cut the heart this way from scrap paper and use the scrap paper heart as a template to cut the heart on nicer paper. Thanks! Try to stay inside the lines while cutting.

  • How to draw a heart on paper?

  • If you want a big heart, then use a big paper. Draw the outline of half of a heart. Start sketching from the paper crease, so that both the top and bottom of the heart come from the crease. When you cut out this line from each folded side of the paper, you will ensure that each half of the heart is perfectly symmetrical to the other.

  • What size paper do you use to make a heart?

  • Cut strips of paper that are 8 to 12 long by 2 to 3 wide from lightweight craft paper or computer paper鈥攗se patterned or solid-colored paper. Each strip will create a chain of four hearts.

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