how to cancel papa johns order online

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Sign in to the Google account you had used to subscribe to PapaJohn’s Click on the menu, then select ‘Subscriptions’ Select the PapaJohn’sPizza Delivery subscription you wish to canceland tap on the CancelSubscription option

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  • How do I get Papa John鈥檚 deals and promotions?

  • Fill out the form below to receive exclusive deals and promotions from Papa John’s weekly. Find your neighborhood Papa John鈥檚 to get instant access to local deals by clicking the button, entering your location, and you’ll get deals for delivery or carry-out. Want pizza perks that you won鈥檛 find anywhere else? To read our privacy policy click here.

  • What happens if my Papa John鈥檚 order fails to deliver?

  • If after a failed delivery, you do not re-arrange delivery or collect the products from your local Papa John鈥檚 store that was completing your order within you will be contacted for further instructions and we may charge you for any further delivery costs.

  • How do I order Papa John’s while away from home?

  • Ordering while away from home? Finding a Papa John’s store in a new location is easy 鈥?just enter the ZIP code to find the stores nearest you, including a delivery location.

  • How long does Papa John’s take to issue a refund?

  • In the event of Papa John’s needing to issue a refund we will endeavour to credit your account within 7 – 10 working days. Payment methods may vary from store to store.

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