how to blind bake without parchment paper

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  • Can You bake cookies without parchment paper?

  • If you have no parchment paper, you can still bake 鈥?you’ll just have to be a bit more creative. Baking Cookies on Foil If you have no baking parchment, but still want to keep your cleanup as minimal as possible, aluminum foil is one of the simplest solutions.

  • Can you use parchment paper to line a baking dish?

  • Parchment paper works for lining baking dishes or trays, wrapping fish or chicken for steaming inside the oven and as an alternative to using grease when baking meats. If you have a recipe that calls for parchment paper to line a baking dish but you don’t have any, don’t worry.

  • Can you use aluminum foil instead of parchment paper for baking?

  • You can also use foil that is non-stick, which works almost as well as parchment. On a related note, see how baking sheets differ from cookie sheets. If you aren鈥檛 as worried about quick cleanup and want to follow more professional baking methods, you may want to grease an aluminum baking pan.

  • How do you make shortening without parchment paper?

  • Measure out equal parts of shortening, oil and flour, and combine them thoroughly by hand or in a stand mixer. This will keep indefinitely in your fridge, so you can make up a batch and keep it on hand for any time you have no parchment paper. Spread this mixture on your pans with a paper towel or a pastry brush, just as you would with shortening.

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