how to apply contact paper

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How to Apply Stainless Steel Contact Paper to Your FridgeStainless steel contact paper looks like the real thing, but at a fraction of the cost.Remove the handles of the refrigerator, if possible.Clean all surfaces of the refrigerator that you intend to cover, using a sponge dipped into a mixture of warm water and a degreasing cleanser or…Dry the refrigerator thoroughly, using shop cloths or absorbent, lint-free towels.Measure the refrigerator from the top to the bottom. …See More….

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  • How do I use contact paper?

  • Turn the contact paper right-side up and place it on the surface you wish to cover. Do not remove the backing yet. Smooth the contact paper flat and make sure that it will fit the surface properly.

  • How do you fold contact paper for a book cover?

  • These cuts will create perfectly sized flaps that will eventually wrap over the edges of the book, securing the contact paper in place. Place your book face-down on the contact paper. Open the folded contact paper and situate the book on the left side of the vertical fold. The backing paper should still be facing up.

  • What is contact paper made of?

  • A tough, durable, thin, plastic film, it is sold in rolls or by the foot. Whether clear, patterned, or textured, contact paper is a quick way to smarten and protect a tired surface, but it can be tricky to apply.

  • How do you smooth contact paper with a ruler?

  • At the same time, push the ruler gradually forward over the top surface of the contact paper, working from side-to-side to keep the paper smooth, flatten out wrinkles and expel any air that might get trapped and form a bubble. Continue drawing off the backing and smoothing with the ruler until the whole surface has been covered.

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