how thick is a toilet paper cardboard

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0.015 inches

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  • How wide is a roll of toilet paper?

  • How Wide is a Roll of Toilet Paper? The average width of a roll of toilet paper is about 10 to 12 cm, equivalent to 3 and an eight-inch wide. Over the years, the size has fluctuated from four inches to 3.7 inches and now its 4.1 inches again with chances of reducing again.

  • What is the girth of a toilet paper tube?

  • What is the girth of a toilet paper tube? While toilet paper rolls just like penises vary in girth the average girth of a standard toilet paper roll in the united states is 55 inches. Click to see full answer.

  • Are all cardboard tubes the same size?

  • The cardboard tubes are the same, but theres more paper on some making the roll larger. Measuring may not work, our older fixture will hold the standard size roll but the newer larger diameter ones won’t fit.

  • What is the inside diameter of a cardboard box?

  • The thickness of the cardboard also varies a bit so that sometimes there is a bigger difference between the inside and outside diameters. Most of the ones I have seen and measured in the US have an outside circumference of 5.5鈥?and an inside circumference of 5.25-5.3鈥?but some are a tad larger.

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