how much toilet paper do i need

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It recommends24 rollsfor a couple spending six weeks in isolation. Eight people isolating for a month will need 67, and so on. These calculations are based on the fact that each person will need around 0.27 rolls of toilet paper a day.

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  • How much toilet paper Does your family need?

  • Simply adjust the settings for your family dynamics and the percentage of toilet paper that you think your family uses. However, if you feel that your family uses more than 20% of a roll per person per day, you can easily change that number accordingly to see how much toilet paper your family needs.

  • How many sheets are in a roll of toilet paper?

  • Toilet paper in the USA is far thinner, and often not always double ply. Their rolls are also therefore much larger – with some rolls going up to 1250 sheets. Therefore we introduced advanced options on the site to allow for exact customization no matter where in the world you live.

  • How long does toilet paper last?

  • Let’s see how we calculate the number of days that your toilet paper will last. We estimate that an adult will use up one average toilet paper roll in about 6 days. We also estimate that a child would be using up about 70% of what an adult would use. You told us that you have got toilet paper roll rolls.

  • How much toilet paper do you need during a quarantine?

  • We鈥檙e here to help. According to this toilet paper image above that鈥檚 been floating around the web recently, it jokes that one square per day should be the standard allotment during a quarantine. But it obviously doesn鈥檛 take into account kids being home from school for weeks and spouses working from home.

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