how much is a paper silver dollar worth

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Most Peace silverdollars,including the common dates,are worth $15 to $25 in typical circulated grades. Uncirculated Peace silver dollars are worth approximately $23 and up. The most-valuable Peace silver dollar is the 1928,worth around $350 and up in typical circulated grades.

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  • How much is a silver dollar coin worth?

  • Our guide covers silver dollar coins issued by The United States from 1794 up until 1935. We have information and value data for one dollar coins worth anywhere from $15 to $10,000,000, and just about every price point in between. You will learn how the condition (aka grade) of a coin greatly affects its value and desirability.

  • What is the value of a silver-dollar certificate?

  • The value of a silver-dollar certificate is contingent on the condition and year issued. Although it is no longer possible to redeem a silver dollar certificate for silver, certificates are still technically legal tender, as they can be exchanged for a Federal Reserve note. Still, the actual value of a silver certificate is in its collectability.

  • How much is my collectible paper money worth?

  • Sometimes we get approached by someone who thinks they have something worth thousands of dollars when its only worth $1-$2. Your collectible currency can be worth anywhere from $1 to $100,000 depending on condition, rarity, market value, and serial number. What kind of paper money do we buy?

  • Are peace silver dollars worth anything?

  • Therefore, if the price of silver is relatively high, the coin will be worth only what it’s silver content is. Peace silver dollars were a relatively short series of U.S. coins to collect, and therefore there is usually a pretty good demand for them.

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