how many trees are cut down for toilet paper

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  • How many trees are used to make toilet paper?

  • The actual number of trees cut for use in toilet paper is probably unknowable and can only be estimated. Unfortunately, the analysis is sensitive to parameters that are highly variable: percentage of people that use TP. amount of TP used per person. diameter of trees harvested for TP.

  • How many trees are cut down for a piece of paper?

  • One tree makes over 8,000 pieces of paper while approximately 1/500th of a tree is cut down for every piece of paper. Americans use over 850,000,000 pieces of paper per year, equalling over 106,000 trees.

  • How much toilet paper goes to landfills?

  • Around 26% of the material at landfills is waste paper. Approximately 27,000 trees are cut down every day just to make toilet paper. Over seven billion rolls of toilet paper are sold in America alone each year. This amounts to around 141 rolls per person, or 12.7 kilograms (28 lbs.) of paper.

  • How many rolls of toilet paper are there in the world?

  • For the 15 billion trees that are chopped down each year, every person on the planet could have 3,000 rolls of toilet paper. If you imagine 3,000 rolls of toilet paper sitting in your bathroom, they likely wouldn鈥檛 all fit.

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