how many trees are cut down for toilet paper

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How many trees are cut down for toilet paper? According to the National Geographic, each day, almost鈥?70,000trees are either flushed or dumped in landfills鈥? It is estimated that approximately 10% of this number (i.e. 27,000 trees) is attributable to toilet paper use.

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  • How many rolls of toilet paper does a tree make?

  • It is estimated that a single tree can make 100 pounds or almost 1,500 rolls of toilet paper. According to industry experts, a single tree can be used to make nearly 100 pounds of toilet paper with each roll weighing about 0.5 pounds.

  • How many trees are cut down for a piece of paper?

  • One tree makes over 8,000 pieces of paper while approximately 1/500th of a tree is cut down for every piece of paper. Americans use over 850,000,000 pieces of paper per year, equalling over 106,000 trees.

  • How many trees does one ton of recycled paper save?

  • Data indicates that using one ton of recycled paper can prevent 17 trees from being cut down. How Many Trees Does It Take To Make 1 Ton Of Paper?

  • How many trees are needed to fill the world鈥檚 tissue paper demand?

  • It means that in just one part of the world, about 11,300 trees and 13 million gallons of water is required to fulfill the demand for the soft paper. It is quite hard to imagine how many more trees and gallons of water needed to fulfill the worldwide demand. Let alone if we convert it to monthly consumption and annual consumption of tissue paper.

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