how long to leave seeds in wet paper towel

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Three days

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  • How to germinate seeds in paper towel?

  • Follow these steps to start germinating seeds in paper towel. Step 1: Get one piece of paper towel. Place seeds onto bottom half of the towel. Fold the paper towel in half to cover the seeds. Step 2: Gently mist the paper towel with the spray bottle.

  • What is the best way to preserve seeds?

  • Lightly sprits the paper towel one last time to wet the seeds as well. Fold the towel to wrap it around the seeds. Place the folded paper towel with seeds inside the bag and leave a little air inside if desired. Seal the Ziploc baggie and place it somewhere warm!

  • How do you germinate seeds without soaking?

  • Wet the paper towels and gently ring them out so that they鈥檙e moist but not soaked. Too much humidity can drown the seeds or encourage mold growth. Place your seeds on one of the moist paper towels, leaving about an inch of space between each seed. Once you鈥檝e finished placing all your seeds, cover them with the other moist paper towel.

  • How do you know if seeds are still viable?

  • Instead of guessing whether old seeds are still viable, try germinating a few in paper towels first. Randomly select ten seeds from a seed packet to test using the damp paper towel method. If after several days you find that seven out of ten seeds have sprouted, this indicates a roughly 70 percent germination rate. Into the garden they go!

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