how long is a toilet paper roll tube

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3.7 inches

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  • How long is a roll of toilet paper?

  • However, this can vary across brands, with some types having an approximate size of 4 inches. Since the toilet paper roll contains the same surface area as the internal cardboard tube, the length of a whole roll of toilet paper would also be around 3.7 to 4 inches.

  • What is the size of a roll of paper?

  • Over the years, the size has fluctuated from four inches to 3.7 inches and now its 4.1 inches again with chances of reducing again. The width of a roll has other embossing elements that equally affect other functions like the length of the roll paper.

  • How long is a roll of tissue?

  • The length of a roll of tissue is 3.7 inches, equivalent to 0.3 feet. This is the standard size but some have a bit longer or shorter ones depending on the brand and type of tissue produced. Maxi sized tissue rolls will be much longer since they contain way more sheets than the standard 1000 in count.

  • What size toilet roll holder do I Need?

  • A toilet roll holder requires at least 31 mm minimum inside diameter of the tube. The wall thickness (Outside diameter- inside diameter) /2 } of the roll when new should not exceed 55 mm. The cheaper rolls have a bigger hole to make them look better at their value. Costco ones have a 45mm tube.

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