how long is a toilet paper roll tube

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3.7 inches

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  • How long is a roll of toilet paper?

  • However, this can vary across brands, with some types having an approximate size of 4 inches. Since the toilet paper roll contains the same surface area as the internal cardboard tube, the length of a whole roll of toilet paper would also be around 3.7 to 4 inches.

  • Is the toilet paper roll the girth of an average penis?

  • According to the mythos of the test, the toilet paper roll circumference is the girth of an average penis. I f your penis fits just right into the toilet paper roll, it鈥檚 of average girth. If your penis fits loosely into the toilet paper roll, it鈥檚 of below average girth.

  • What can I do with my old toilet paper rolls?

  • Plant Feeders – this is probably the most popular upcycling use for toilet paper rolls. Their small size and shape make them a perfect object to be used as little plant starters. Simply buy some soil and some seeds and get to planting. The best part is – once the plant grows and needs to be replanted, you can compost the toilet roll.

  • What is the toilet paper girth test?

  • While most conversations around penis size focus on length, girth is just as important and varies just as greatly from one man to the next. The toilet paper girth test is something of an urban legend 鈥?a test designed to tell you whether or not your penis is of average girth.

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