how do you paper piece

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How to: English Paper PiecingGather Your Supplies and Mater …Choose a Template. …Prepare the Templates. …Cut Your Fabric. …Attach the Template to the Fab …Fold Your Fabric Around the Te …Baste Your Pieces. …Sew the Pieces Together. …Continue Sewing. …Remove the Paper Templates. …鏇村缁撴灉…

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  • How do you make paper piecing step by step?

  • Step-By-Step Paper Piecing 鈥?Trim, Sew, Press Select the #1 fabric piece and position it RIGHT SIDE UP on the BLANK side of the paper over the #1 area. Be sure that it covers the area completely with at least 1/4鈥?all around the #1 area.

  • How do quilters paper piece a quilt?

  • How Quilters Paper Piece a Quilt For one paper piecing method, the fabric is positioned on the unprinted side of a foundation with edges overlapping drawn lines. The fabric’s placement is easy to see by holding the foundation up to the light.

  • How do you set the pieces in a paper template?

  • To set in a piece, pin and sew the seam on one side. Reposition the stitched pieces so the next seam is aligned and continue sewing. When all edges of a piece have been stitched to adjoining pieces, remove the paper template, pulling the basting threads and templates out from the back.

  • What is the best way to baste paper?

  • Glue basting is a really easy way to English paper piece. Just dab a little bit of a glue stick to the edges of the paper template and then fold the fabric over and finger press to secure. Another way to baste in English paper piecing is to use a threaded needle and backstitch to secure the fabric edges down.

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