does staples take shredded paper

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  • Is it safe to drop off paper shredding at Staples?

  • It鈥檚 the safest and most secure way to destroy unwanted, sensitive documents. It鈥檚 a cost-effective choice. By dropping your shredding off to Staples rather than contracting with a pickup shredding service, you are guaranteed to save hundreds of dollars per year.

  • Do I need to shred all my paper?

  • While it鈥檚 not necessary to shred all paper, many people choose to shred their paper because it contains sensitive information. Confidential documents or those containing personal or financial information should be shredded or at least partially destroyed before disposing of them. Thankfully, Eco-Cycle has a solution to this conundrum.

  • Can paper be recycled?

  • That said, recycling paper does have some caveats attached to it, and not all types of paper products can be recycled by your average recycling center. Shredded paper, for example, is a paper product that presents some challenges.

  • What do shredding companies do with paper?

  • This type of partial shredding works for home, of course, but commercial companies might end up with dumpsters full of shredded paper. Shredding companies even exist to work with businesses, local governments, and recycling organizations. Companies like Iron Mountain offer recycling for even the most severely shredded paper products.

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