does rid x break down toilet paper

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  • Can you use RID-X in the toilet?

  • Rid X is available in powder, liquid, and gel packs. Can You Use Rid-X In A Toilet? Pouring Rid-X in the toilet only means that the treatment will travel through the toilet drainage into the septic tank. Rid-X can also be poured down the bathroom and sink drain to end up in the septic tank.

  • How does RID-X® work?

  • How does RID-X work? RID-X Septic Tank System Treatment contains billions of 100% natural active bacteria and enzymes to break down household waste. By adding RID-X , you help restore the delicate balance of beneficial bacterial and enzymes needed to help keep your system operating at full efficiency.

  • Is RID-X safe for septic systems?

  • Rid-X is made using 100% natural bacteria. When you鈥檝e added it to your septic tank, the Rid-X will increase the amount of bacteria in the septic tank. This will decrease the likelihood that you鈥檙e going to end up experiencing a septic backup.

  • Does RID-X kill bacteria?

  • However, according to organizations like EPA, Rid-X has billions of these bacterial enzymes compared to the naturally occurring microbes in the tank. Because of the high number, the enzymes in Rid-X overperform and break down the solid waste further than they should.

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