does medicare cover pap smears

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  • Does Medicare Part B cover Pap smears?

  • Pap smears, pelvic exams, and breast exams can be performed during a visit with your OB/GYN or, in some cases, your primary care provider. If you are considered high risk for cervical or vaginal cancers, your Medicare Part B plan will cover these services once every 12 months at your annual visit.

  • What preventative tests does Medicare cover for women?

  • Medicare Part B covers Pap smears, pelvic exams and breast exams once every 24 months. In women who have a higher risk of certain cancers, Medicare will cover a Pap smear, pelvic exam or breast exam once every 12 months. Medicare beneficiaries do not have to pay copayments, coinsurance or deductible costs associated with these preventative tests.

  • What kind of cancer screenings does Medicare cover?

  • Cervical vaginal cancer screenings. Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) covers Pap tests and pelvic exams to check for cervical and vaginal cancers. As part of the Pelvic exam, Medicare also covers a clinical breast exam to check for breast cancer. Medicare covers these screening tests once every 24 months.

  • What is a screening Pap test ( Pap smear)?

  • A screening Pap test (also called a Pap smear) is a laboratory test used to detect early cervical cancer. Female Preventive Screenings health care provider takes a sample of cervical cells and interprets the test results.Medicare covers Pap smears,

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