does kwik trip have toilet paper

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  • What kind of food does Kwik Trip have?

  • We鈥檙e proud to say you鈥檒l find many delicious and healthy choices at your neighborhood Kwik Trip or Kwik Star, from fresh fruit to flavorful salads to our many sandwiches. That鈥檚 because we鈥檙e committed to providing you with a variety of foods to help you eat smart at home and on the go. Check out our nutrition information for full details.

  • Does Kwik Trip serve the community?

  • Our entire team remains committed to serving our communities throughout all 鈥渟tay at home鈥?orders to ensure you have access to all essentials including milk, bread, butter, and eggs during these challenging times. At Kwik Trip, the wellbeing of our coworkers and our customers remains our top priority.

  • Can I transfer my Kwik Trip rewards to someone else?

  • You can use your rewards at any Kwik Trip, Kwik Star or Tobacco Outlet Plus Grocery stores. You must register your card online before redeeming your rewards. If you are still having trouble, please contact customer support at 1-800-305-6666. At this time, you cannot transfer your rewards to anyone else.

  • What is Kwik Trip Kares?

  • What is Kwik Trip Kares? Kwik Trip Kares is Kwik Trip Inc.鈥檚 corporate donation program. Does my organization qualify to receive a donation from Kwik Trip Kares? If your organization is considered non-profit or tax exempt, you may qualify for a donation if approved by the committee.

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