do you shave for a pap smear

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A pap test,also called a pap smear,involves gathering a sample. You should only tackle it if you鈥?some women may feel like they need to shave their pubic hair,butit鈥檚 unnecessaryfor this test.

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  • What should I expect during a Pap smear test?

  • Some offices only require you to get undressed waist down. You will lie down on the procedure table legs apart, and feet resting in stirrups. The doctor will place an instrument called a speculum inside of your cervical canal to open up the vagina so that your cervix can be scraped for cells. The test only lasts a few moments.

  • How to make a Pap smear easier?

  • Ob/Gyns Share 11 Ways to Make a Pap Smear Easier on You and Your Vagina 1 Make sure you understand what a Pap smear is and entails. 2 Try to pee before your Pap smear. 3 Request the smallest, narrowest speculum that can work for your body. 4 Request a plastic speculum. 5 Ask your ob/gyn to warm up the speculum. More items…

  • Can you get a Pap smear while on your period?

  • Although you technically can get a Pap smear while on your period, you may want to reschedule that appointment if the blood is really gushing out of you. Menstrual blood makes it harder for experts to properly test the cervical cells, says Dr. Shirazian, which might require a Pap re-do.

  • What shouldn鈥檛 you do before a Pap smear?

  • Getting a pap smear is never an enjoyable experience, but it鈥檚 a necessary evil. Dr Mary Stewart is the Acting Medical Director at Family Planning NSW. Here she reveals 11 things that your doctor wishes you wouldn鈥檛 do before a pap test 鈥?for both your sakes. 1. Vajazzle before your appointment

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