do you have to use parchment paper

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  • What can I use if I don’t have parchment paper?

  • What to Use If You Don’t Have Parchment Paper. A Greased Pan – Coat your cookie sheet or pan with cooking spray, butter or oil. Then, lay your food directly on the pan. This will work for all but the most delicate or gooey of treats. A Silpat – Silicone baking pads, often referred to by the brand name, Silpat,…

  • Why use parchment paper for baking?

  • Others tend to have hot and cool areas that result in baking issues. Using parchment paper creates a thin airy layer between the baking sheet and the paper that helps regulate the temperature, and neutralize hot spots.

  • Can you use silicone baking pads instead of parchment paper?

  • Silicone baking pads, often referred to by the brand name Silpat, are a great replacement for parchment paper. Just drop one onto your baking sheet, and whatever you cook or bake on it will come right off. There’s no need to grease your pan, and there’s very little to clean up afterward.

  • What is the difference between grease and parchment paper?

  • Parchment paper is basically non-stick baking paper. Usually there鈥檚 no need to use grease on parchment paper. You can use parchment paper without any grease or oil on the pan.

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