can you use shredded paper for chicken bedding

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  • Can I use shredded paper as bedding for chicks?

  • I shredded newspaper in my DH’s paper shredder (shhhh, don’t tell HIM that, lol) and used the shredded paper in my brooder when the chicks were very young. They liked to snuggle down in it. The trick with using shredded paper as bedding is to use strip cut paper. Cross cut paper, although good for shredding important stuff, does not work.

  • What is the best bedding for chicken coops?

  • Chopped cardboard is one of my personal favourites and a good choice for chicken coop bedding material. It is more absorbent than shredded paper and doesn鈥檛 get as compacted as paper or straw. It will compost quickly and can then be dug into the ground as compost. It is dust-free, which is a big advantage over other bedding types.

  • Can I use wood shavings for my chickens?

  • I personally do not use wood shavings for my chickens. Using shredded paper in the coop can be a nice way to divert some of your waste and turn it into great compost down the line. The biggest issue with shredded paper is making sure the inks are not toxic for the birds.

  • What is chicken bedding and how do you use it?

  • Chicken bedding is something that you place in the bottom of the chicken coop and/or nesting boxes that will collect chicken waste and moisture. So what this means is that your coop will not smell quite as much because there will be something there to collect a lot of the substances that make it stink.

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