can you use parchment paper for heat press

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You can use parchment paper for a heated press transfer of dark color fabrics. Place the parchment paper on top of the dark color transfer paper and in between the Teflon sheet 鈥?this will allow for smooth surface results. Parchment paper is heat resistant and can be reused as long as it has been cleaned and there are no signs of discoloration.

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  • What kind of paper do you use for heat press?

  • You can use Teflon sheets for pressing the transfers for the first time and for multiple heat press cycles you can use the cheaper parchment paper. You can also use the parchment paper in between the garment to protect the other side from staining while pressing both sides of the garment.

  • Can you use parchment paper instead of Teflon for heat press?

  • You can use parchment paper or a tea towel instead of a Teflon sheet for your heat press. Using a parchment paper or tea towel gives very similar results while transferring the design but there are ways you can make your process much cheaper without compromising on the efficiency.

  • Is it safe to use parchment paper on an opaque transfer?

  • If it hangs over it will curl up and cause you to get tired of messing with it and toss it sooner. It is safe to use on about any heat press type of product including opaque transfers. I use parchment 99 percent of the time.

  • Do you peel parchment paper cold or warm?

  • I have never let it cool down before pulling the parchment paper off but the spec sheet says to peel cold. Looking at the specs from Coastal it recommends 100% cotton. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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