can you use parchment paper for fudge

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  • What can you use parchment paper for besides baking?

  • These 30 creative uses for parchment paper show that the product is not just for baking cookies! 1. Line your baking sheet. 2. Line a baking pan for bars and brownies. 3. Parchment wrapped dinners. 4. Line Cake Pans. 7. Use the paper as a baking rack. 8. Make a snack cone.

  • How do you wrap baked goods in parchment paper?

  • Just fold a triangle of parchment paper into a cone shape and fold in the top edge and fill with your favorite snack. Parchment paper makes the perfect wrapping for any baked goods. Wrap it and secure the goodies with tape and finish with twine or ribbon for a rustic and chic effect.

  • What do you use parchment paper for when making Souffles?

  • The paper acts as a collar and will hold the souffle in place as it rises up during cooking. Just remove the collar when you are ready to serve. Don鈥檛 have icing bags? Just cut parchment paper into triangles and roll into cones to use to pipe chocolate on baked treats.

  • How to line a round cake pan with parchment paper?

  • I love to use parchment paper to line my cake pans. Now parchment paper comes in rectangular sheets and cake pans are usually round. To get the perfect circle for the base of your round pan, you need to take a sheet of parchment, fold it in half and then fold it diagonally so that you get a conical shape.

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