can you recycle notebook paper

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  • Are notebooks recyclable?

  • The pages of your notebook are typically made from paper. Paper can often be recycled at home, as long as it is not stained with foodstuffs, grease, paint, or dirt. Writing paper can be recycled easily along with magazines, letters, flyers, and newspapers.

  • Can you recycle paper?

  • There are different types of paper included for recycling and it鈥檚 very important that only accepted materials are placed in your recycling to ensure it can be recycled and not rejected due to contamination. Below are the Do鈥檚 and Don鈥檛s of paper recycling.

  • What is a paperage recycled notebook?

  • The Paperage Recycled Notebook has a sturdy, textured recycled paper cover that comes in at least seven colors. The thread-bound, 180-degree lay-flat binding opens fully while you are writing or reading, and when closed is completely flat.

  • What happens to paper office products when recycled?

  • By recycling your paper office products, they have a chance to become office supplies all over again. Recycling centers and collectors will take corrugated cardboard, magazines, catalogs, telephone books, junk mail, newspapers 鈥?most types of paper can be recycled .

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