can you put butcher paper in a smoker

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  • Can you use butcher paper for smoking meat?

  • As the butcher paper comes in pink color, it can be used for arts and crafts as well. The multi-functional paper will surely make your smoking experience better than usual. Other than smoking, if you want to wrap or freeze your meat, you can use this paper.

  • What is butcher paper and why is it used?

  • The main, and most important, reason pink butcher paper is used, is to wrap your meat during the cooking process. Typically you wrap your meat when the internal temperature of your meat reaches 160. While wrapping your meat while smoking isn鈥檛 necessary, there are 3 reasons why people do it.

  • What is the difference between butcher paper and foil for smoking?

  • Butcher paper absorbs the grease or the oil of the brisket to keep the meat stay dry while smoking. In addition, the upper layer stays crispy if you use butcher paper. On the other hand, foil makes the inside oily.

  • Can you use pink butcher paper for wrapping meat?

  • You can also use pink butcher paper as part of a 鈥?Texas Crutch,鈥?which involves wrapping meat to prevent evaporative cooling in order to avoid the dreaded BBQ Stall. Wrapped meat also cooks faster, which is handy if you need to produce a smoked brisket on a tighter schedule.

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