can you pour hard candy on parchment paper

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  • How do you make hard candy?

  • When you make this hard candy recipe, you mix up sugar and water. In the case of this recipe, it鈥檚 water, sugar, and corn syrup. At room temperature, there is only a certain amount of sugar that water can dissolve. That鈥檚 why we have to heat the sugar and water when we make this hard candy recipe.

  • What’s so great about parchment paper?

  • What’s also great about parchment paper is its ability to fit any pan you please. Just roll it out and cut it to the size you need. Because parchment paper is meant to be disposable, it isn’t the most eco-friendly option and sometimes getting the rolled paper to lay flat can be frustrating.

  • How do you harden candy in aluminum foil?

  • Pour the candy into the aluminum foil lined pan. Use a spatula to lightly push lines into the surface of the candy every 1/2. Continue doing this until you have made a grid of 1/2 squares. Repeat this process until you have managed to push down all of the rows to the bottom of the pan. Once hardened, remove the candy from the aluminum foil.

  • Should I use a silplat or parchment paper for cookies?

  • Using a silplat can result in lighter colored bottoms, especially if used with an insulated cookie sheet. If you are looking for crisp, brown bottoms, parchment paper is a better choice.

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