can you fold a piece of paper 8 times

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  • How many times can you fold a paper in half?

  • There is no limit to the amount of times one can fold a piece of paper in half if the paper is large enough. However, because the thickness of the paper grows exponentially, a lot of paper would be needed to make more than 8 folds. [1][2][3]

  • How much tissue paper would it take to fold the universe?

  • Consider, to fold tissue paper 0.0033 inches thick 12 times, it would take 2417 feet of tissue paper. Likewise, folding an average size sheet of paper about 50 times gets you to the sun and a little over 100 times gets you folded paper with a thickness the size of known universe (exact mathematics depend on the exact thickness of the paper).

  • How many times can you fold a paper to the Moon?

  • Fold it 42 times, at least theoretically. you would reach the moon. At 51 folds Your reaching into the sun. Fold it 103 times and it will be thicker than the observable universe. The record for most folds in a paper belongs to an American high school student by the name of Britney Gallivan.

  • What happens to the thickness when you fold the paper in half?

  • This is because the thickness of the paper doubles with every fold (鈥渆very time we fold the paper in half, we double the number of layers involved. We have to fold f ( x) = 2n-1 sheets of paper to the nth fold.鈥?/div>There is a Limit to How Many Times You Can Fold a Piece

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